Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hilton Head | Erin & Andrew

I knew of Erin ever-so briefly in college—but it's after stuff like this where you wonder how your paths missed each other and how you aren't good friends. Such a chill fam with good down-home Southern roots.

June found us in South Carolina at Windows on the Waterway, reconnecting with old friends and new. It was quite a pleasant surprise to get picked up from the airport, and have the parents turn around and say that they knew my parents way back in the day :)

This was probably one of the most chill wedding weekends I was able to be part of—so relaxing and peaceful. Putt-putting, swimming...judging the currents to see if I'd be able to get a get-away shot from a kayak without getting swept out to sea (sadly, we opted out of it).

Alas, I digress—the wedding was gorgeous. They handled the southern heat like champs and did it with style.  Enjoy the day :)



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