Sunday, August 30, 2015

1 Million Views! | Going viral...or at least bacterial...

[One week ago] — It had been a long day of set-photography in the middle of the desert. We were tired, we were grody, the sweat was toxic, making the car fantastically rancid. I'd been away from my phone all day, and my friend brought up the vid.

"Yeah it's crazy, you got like, 17k views on it."  

"...what? Um nooo, it's at maybe like, 7k...and my friends' wedding videos get that much."  

"Ummm....maybe. You might want to check again."


And so started the crazy. The social media by-products started happening...hundreds of random strangers were friending me, still more random requests were peppering my inbox...along with totally rad requests like permission to be featured on PetaPixel and SLRLounge (<< that one tells more of the story behind it and how it started). It made other unofficial appearances on DIYPhotography and ResourceMag. Still, I feel honored to have been part of it for a bit.

I'm extremely grateful for my family and friends—addressing the inevitable trolls, bringing me flowers, or posting it on reddit, etc. Noooo I'm not famous (who wants that pressure anyway?), but as much as you guys have been excited with me and defended me, I most definitely wanted to let you know how much it means to me, and to thank you :)

To the rest, I'm still learning a ton about Photoshop, but I'm glad you found enjoyment in my process so far. Thanks for your happiness :)

To what's next—a new one is on the horizon but is waitlisted at the moment; I have to catch up on editing from the summer (see, life still keeps going, lol), and do my research for it. But rumor has it, it'll be in a fantastical Wonderland.

My parting bit of wisdom on the subject: Be kind. I can't stress this enough—people tend to forget that those names on FB actually represent people. Comments, of course I saw them and yeah I took them personally at first, but seriously dudes. The next time you're about to comment negatively on a viral video, remember that they're probably like me...sitting in my pajamas eating breakfast and reading the awful. Be nice.

You can be the sweetest peach in the world, 
but there will always be someone who hates peaches. 

Coincidentally, I had peaches and cream to celebrate, lol.

And lastly:

CELEBRATE WITH ME!! :-D  Success is not to be hoarded, but shared, and there's a way that something as simple as a Star Wars picture can have a lasting impact on someone.

A friend recently got back from the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp in Tanzania where they met Peter, whose wife passed away. He now lives 15 hours away from his 4 daughters to be able to work and support them, and my friends are trying to raise money for the girls to go to school.

Be excellent, and God bless :)



  1. Excellent! I think I will go and be excellent! :) Go team Tanya!

    1. I would deeply appreciate your excellence!! Seriously, it means a lot—not many move to action, and I really do love you for it :) All your positive support, actually. You rock.

  2. SLRLounge brought me here… just wanted to say personally on your blog that I thought this was brilliant and really cool! I am just after doing a similar thing for a wedding client but in video I think its great fun to mix it up a bit at weddings and do stuff like this… good fun on the day and great looking back at it. Also was touched as to how nice a person and humble you seem to be, keep it up :) ps who can hate peaches! there’re awesome! ;)

    1. Hey Andrew! That's fantastic, I've never seen someone do that for a wedding video! After Effects? It is most definitely a lot of fun to do, haha probably more fun looking back on it than stressing through it, eh? Haha yeahh it's sad that the peach-haters stand out so much, but then there are good people like yourself to help me get my head on straight again. I really appreciate the kind words; thank you for dropping by!

    2. Thanks and yeah it was done in After Effects and it prob took way too long but fun looking back and learnt some new stuff too, but your right about half way through bit more stressing lol all best & great work again :)

  3. This is absolutely amazing stuff. There will always be people out there with something negative to say. Don't let them get to you in anyway. Keep going after your passion and leave those who are negative behind.

    1. Thanks so much for the affirmation and the encouragement—it means a lot. I'm all for constructive criticism, but yeesh—people could use some lessons in tact, lol. Strangers who reach out for a positive word definitely help soften the blow though :)

  4. absolutly gorgeous :)
    i love your work
    best greetings from germany :)

    1. Why thank you! :) All my best from California!

  5. Absolutely love your Photoshop breakdowns - so inspiring (and educational!). Thank you.

    I wonder, do you just occasionally decide to switch on screen-recording so you can recall the process of a project for yourself? Or is it more like something you do for every project because you plan to share it later?

    Looking forward to seeing more of these!

    1. Thank YOU! :)

      Haha it's actually a little of both—my friends always liked seeing things come together, and I did too; made me feel like I was actually making progress; I get stuck often and it's a good reminder that when I tough it out, it doesn't turn out half bad. But it's also nice to remember how I did things—I'm already cringing at some of the techniques that were slow and have since gotten some good feedback on how to speed up the process with other selection methods.

      Glad you enjoy! :-D

    2. Haha, I know that "inner cringe" very well!

      If you don't mind me asking, is there some application you use which takes a screen shot every minute, or something like that? And do you edit out the "boring" bits?

    3. It's actually just Quicktime! If you just open Quicktime player (on a Mac anyway), there's an option for screen recording. It does bog the system a bit since it's recording everything, just a forewarning. Not as efficient as taking a screenshot would be. And I most certainly edit out the boring bits, lol. I was doing a lot of research etc inbetween—whether it was watching video tutorials on Phlearn, or trying to figure out some part that I ended up just scrapping altogether. For the most part, I just try to focus on how the present bits made their way into the final piece. I also cut out the times I was staring at the screen and/or slamming my head on the desk, lol.


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